Power Point Update for Local Teams


It’s getting down to crunch time in terms of securing a spot in the post-season, so let’s see how our local teams are doing in the state power point rankings. For boys basketball, in the 4A Conference, Prescott is number seven and Bradshaw Mountain is number 16. In the 3A, Chino Valley is number 33, and Mayer is number 34 in the 1A Conference.

Girls basketball, in the 4A conference, Prescott is number 20 and Bradshaw Mountain is number 26. In the 3A Conference, Chino Valley is number 38, and Mayer is number 25 in the 1A Conference.

Soccer, for the girls, Prescott is number two and Bradshaw Mountain is number 27. Boys, Bradshaw Mountain is number eight and Prescott is number 23.

***Photo of PHS Boys Basketball, #7 in conference.