Prescott Mayor Phil Goode Responds to Drone Attack That Injured AZ Guardsmen


On Friday, Prescott Mayor Phil Goode released the following statement:

“I was shocked and saddened to learn that multiple members of Prescott’s Arizona National Guard 158th Infantry Regiment, Bushmasters were injured in the drone attack on US Military Personnel Sunday on the Syrian-Jordanian border.  

In the attack it was reported that 3 soldiers from a Georgia based Army engineering company were killed.  The report said that 40 members of the Arizona Bushmasters were injured.   The majority suffered relatively minor injuries, but a few were more severely injured.   

On behalf of the City of Prescott I wish to offer prayers and heartfelt support for all of the brave soldiers, their families friends and loved ones.  We wish them a speedy and full recovery, and we look forward to welcoming them back home following their deployment.  

It is my hope that President Biden will provide immediate and appropriate response to this unprovoked attack, in order to avoid a recurrence.”