Cordes Lakes Woman Arrested for Murder of Elderly Man


A Cordes Lakes woman is in jail, charged with the murder of the 93-year-old man she was living with. According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to a home on Rodeo Drive to perform a welfare check. An acquaintance of the victim became concerned after 93-year-old Carl Miller had not been seen or heard from in a couple of days. Deputies were told by Miller’s roommate, 59-year-old Bridget Nelson, that he had driven out of town and did not know where he was.

The deputy followed up with the initial caller, who said the victim’s truck was still in the driveway and was apparently inoperable. Deputies then returned to the residence to question Nelson, but after receiving no response they looked through a window and saw a man lying motionless on the ground. Deputies ordered Nelson out of the home, and she complied after several requests. Detectives and evidence technicians determined Miller had been dead for at least a day and his wounds indicated he died as a result of foul play.

Bridget Nelson was arrested and booked into the Yavapai County Jail on first-degree murder charges.