Blasting Work on I-17 Completed

No more rock blasting on I-17. ADOT officials announced that part of the I-17 improvement project has been completed. This effort was necessary to make way for the additional lanes from Anthem Way to Sunset Point. That includes 15 miles of widening and 8 miles of flex lanes along the entire 23-mile I-17 Improvement Project corridor.

Controlled rock blasting began in December 2022 and required full closures of I-17 in both directions to keep everyone safe. Crews conducted a total of 62 blasts at seven different locations along the project corridor over the course of a year. Approximately 177,000 cubic yards of rock and material were removed during the blasting process, then hauled to another area of the project to be reincorporated into the new roadway.

The entire 23-mile stretch between Anthem Way and Sunset Point remains under construction throughout 2024 and into 2025 as the new lanes are constructed and paved and a dozen bridges are either widened or replaced.