Embry-Riddle Softball Shutout by St. Thomas to End Season

A win, and they move on. A loss, and that’s it for their season. The Embry-Riddle softball team took on St. Thomas yesterday in Oregon in an elimination game in the opening round of the NAIA World Series.

Offense, though, was hard to come by for both teams. Both Riddle’s Vanessa Brink and St. Thomas’ Anna Toon iced the bats of their opponents. The Lady Bobcats only had one hit the entire game, but that hit was an RBI single by Jade Fayad in the bottom of the fifth. The Lady Eagles, meanwhile, cranked out three hits, two of them off the bat of Kate Delaney. But none of those hits produced any runs. That resulted in a 1-0 victory for St. Thomas.

The loss brings Embry-Riddle’s season to a close. They finish the 2024 season with a 39-13 record, along with their third, and final, Cal Pac title. Next season, the Lady Eagles move to the Golden State Athletic Conference.