Public Comments Being Accepted on New Prescott Flood Maps


A 90-day public appeal period is underway for the City of Prescott’s updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps. The maps show the extent to which areas, recently re-mapped in the City, are at risk of flooding, and help residents and business owners better understand their risk of flooding. This helps guide building and flood insurance decisions.

The City developed the preliminary flood maps in partnership with FEMA. The process used the best available data and included state-of-the-art aerial mapping and flood risk modeling techniques. Property owners are encouraged to look up their property to see if it is in the remapped area, and if so, how it is affected. Changes in flood risk can mean changes in building and flood insurance requirements.

The 90-day public appeal period allows property owners to formally submit appeals. This requires analysis or scientific evidence showing the information on the preliminary map is scientifically or technically incorrect—and comments. More details about the appeals process can be found on the City website.

Once all appeals and comments are received and addressed, the City expects the maps will become effective 30 days after the public comment period ends. The new flood insurance and building requirements will take effect at that time.

If you have questions about the local map update efforts, call the City at (928) 777-1130 during business hours or email