Mountain Lion Killed by Game & Fish in Prescott

Officials with the State Game and Fish Department report their officers had to kill a mountain lion in Prescott. The big cat had reportedly approached people on several occasions in a neighborhood located in the eastern part of the city. In one incident, the mountain lion got within five feet of a teen on an off-road vehicle.

The cat is one of two mountain lions that have been seen roaming around this particular neighborhood over the past few weeks. They have reportedly been entering backyards and would not leave even when people were yelling at them.

Game and Fish officials say this constitutes aggressive and unacceptable behavior by the animals. Officers with the department are continuing to search for the second mountain lion.

Game and Fish officials want to remind everyone that mountain lions are dangerous, pointing out a fatal attack earlier this year in California and another attack in Washington State that seriously injured a mountain biker.

Anyone who sees a mountain lion exhibiting aggressive behavior or a lack of fear toward humans should call the Game and Fish Department at 623-236-7201.