Fire Danger in Prescott National Forest Now High

With temperatures warming up and little rain in recent weeks, the risk for a wildfire has increased in the Prescott National Forest, where officials have raised the fire danger level to high. No fire restrictions have been implemented in the national forest, but all visitors are reminded to be cautious with any items that can produce a flame or spark. This includes properly disposing of cigarettes and ensuring that campfires are completely extinguished and ashes are cool to the touch before leaving a campsite.

Drivers are advised not to throw cigarette butts out of their windows and to make sure that chains are not dragging on the road, as they can produce sparks and ignite grass on the roadside. Additionally, those pulling off the road should avoid parking on grass to prevent vegetation fires caused by heat from underneath vehicles.

This is also a good time to create defensible space around homes by removing excess brush and yard debris to reduce the risk of wildfire damage or destruction to property.