ADEQ Takes Emergency Measures for Senator Mine

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is taking immediate emergency measures at Senator Mine near Prescott to protect the Hassayampa River and ensure public safety. The mine property is owned by Gold Paradise Peak, Inc. and Sino Vantage Group, Inc.

Water had been redirected into a tailings pile. Saturation of the tailings pile can lead to instability and cause a collapse of the mine waste into the Hassayampa River, contaminating the water and endangering downstream wildlife. With the monsoon season underway, taking remedial actions to direct water away from the mine waste and address this threat immediately is critical to prevent further erosion and possible collapse.

Over the next 90 days, ADEQ and its contractors, Tetra Tech and Environmental Response, Inc., will divert contaminated water away from the tailings pile and prevent sediment transport in the event the tailings pile collapses.